We offer you an adventure orienteering game – “The Game”. It is a combination of orienteering, trekking and logical tasks.

“The Game” is played on a prepared course with hidden instructions and signs. 2, 3 or 4 teams are formed, depending on the number of competitors and the requested goals. The teams have to reach the final for the shortest time, having found and completed all the instructions and tasks. The game is finished by a test. The final result is calculated by the time for completion of the course, the tasks and the test results. In each team a leader and up to 5 “specialists” have to be set in the beginning of “The Game”. Depending on the different variants of “The Game” these roles can be either predetermined by the organizers or chosen by the players themselves.

“The Game” can be played in one or two days.

The best places where “The Game” is played are:

  • Vitosha mountain – Aleko hut and Zlatnite Mostove (“Golden Bridges”)

  • Rila mountain – Maliovitsa, Borovets and 7 Lakes

  • Pirin mountain – Bansko and Dobriniste

  • Strandja mountain – Lozenets village


July 2022
Зари Филева : "Преди една година нямаше да повярвам, ако някой ми беше казал, че ще карам сърф!"